Pradhan, Ghimire & Associates (formerly Pradhan & Assocites) is a top-tier full service commercial law firm in Nepal.  Founded in 1997 as a sole proprietorship firm and later converted into a limited liability company, in its 20-year journey, the firm stands out from the crowd and is widely recognized as Nepal's premier commercial law firm.  The firm is well known for its expertise in commercial transactional work as well as in complex commercial litigation and arbitration. 

We are a firm predominantly engaged in international practice.  The firm has set the standard for excellence in legal services in Nepal.  The firm is committed to excellence in every aspect of commercial law that we practice.  The firm has been involved in some of the most high-profile and ground breaking transactions in Nepal and continues to be a part of major headline transactions in the field of commercial law.  We have a large array of collective expertise in handling sophisticated transactions.

We offer professional services primarily to foreign companies and international institutions as well as individual clients.  Our objective is to provide comprehensive legal services to foreign companies and business entities in the area of commercial and business laws in Nepal.  We advise on the matters arising under Nepalese laws and regulations as well as on international matters that touch and interact with Nepalese laws and regulations.

We pride in our capability in advising the world's leading companies.  The firm has been advising foreign governments, supranational bodies, bilateral and multilateral agencies, Fortune 500 companies, etc.  The firm has strong ties and working relationship with many foreign law firms and frequently acts as a local counsel for major large international law firms.

The firm has earned several international awards and honors in the area of commercial law, such as: Most Trusted Law Firm of the Year in Nepal, Law Firm of the Year in Nepal, Commercial Law Firm of the Year in Nepal for several years in a row and numerous practice area awards for its outstanding works.  Major international legal directories have ranked the firm as the top ranked law firm in Nepal and members of the firm amongst the leading lawyers in Nepal as well as amongst the world's pre-eminent lawyers in various areas of practice.