We are driven by very clear philosophy.

Towards clients

The firm is committed to excellence in every aspect of commercial law that we practice.

We are dedicated to make contribution to client services, innovation and commitment to excellence.

Our commitment is to provide the highest standard of professionalism, quality and services in a friendly environment. We aim to provide our clients the quality of services in par with international standard. We also aim to bridge the cultural gap between our foreign clients and Nepali legal system and local practices.

We maintain strict compliance to avoid conflict of interest situation.

Towards legal profession

We are committed to adhere to the highest ethical standards.

We are committed to train new generation of lawyers by providing excellent training to carry on the firm’s commitment- contribution to client services, innovation and excellence.

We are committed to create scholarship program for law students who would be unable to afford cost of legal education.

Towards society

As a part of corporate social responsibility, the firm is dedicated to contribute towards the society in various ways.  

Please visit our Pro Bono page for details.