"Pradhan & Associates offers significant expertise in a wide range of aviation matters"

"[Pradhan & Associates] also has noted specializations in aviation ......, amongst others"

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The firm has consistently been recognized as a leader in the area of aviation law by major international legal directories. Our lawyers have been ranked by major international legal directories amongst the world's pre-eminent lawyers in aviation field.

We handle contentious as well as non-contentious work in aviation sector.

In non-contentious sector, we have expertise and seasoned experience in advising primarily aircraft and engine manufacturers, foreign aircraft owners and leasing companies, banks and financiers, insurers and reinsurers, airlines and brokers in aircraft purchase-sale, leasing, financing, aviation insurance and re-insurance issues, liens and securitization, transactional, commercial and regulatory matters.

We have handled more than 3 dozen purchase-sale, leasing, financing transactions relating to various types of aircraft, including, Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, ATR, de Havilland, Cessna, Beechcraft, Dornier and various types of helicopters. Similarly, we have advised aircraft owners and major international lessors, banks and financiers in more than 2 dozen registration of aircraft, creation of liens, mortgage and security interest over aircraft, de-registration of aircraft and other transactions. We advise major aircraft and aircraft component manufacturers and aviation service providers in all aspects of regulatory and commercial issues.

We have been advising various international airlines in establishment, licensing and commencement of commercial operation in Nepal as well as in ongoing regulatory issues.

In contentious sector, we handle matters relating to aircraft leasing disputes, repossession of aircraft, air carriers' liability, management of accident liability claims, accident investigation, accident litigation, etc. We have assisted various national and international airlines and its insurers/reinsurers in the management of about 2 dozen fatal aviation accidents.

We also periodically provide lex situs advice to aircraft purchasers, international airlines, international banks and financial institutions in offshore aircraft purchase-sale, transfer of title and financing/novation transactions.

In this field, we handle following matters:

Aircraft sale Aircraft purchase
Aircraft leasing Engine leasing
Aircraft financing Creation of lien and security interest
Aircraft registration and de-registration Repossession of aircraft
Aviation insurance and reinsurance issues Licensing and certification of air carriers
Aviation regulatory matters Aviation accident investigation
Aircraft accident claim management Aviation accident litigation

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